Asahi Media Lab Ventures,inc.

It is a venture capital company that manages venture funds funded by The Asahi Shimbun and
The Asahi Shimbun Group’s TV station Companies.


  • Fuller, Inc.Fuller, Inc.
  • Axis Motion Inc.Axis Motion Inc.
  • Runtrip, Inc.Runtrip, Inc.
  • Palmie Inc.Palmie Inc.
  • Binded Inc.Binded Inc.
  • ookami, Inc.ookami, Inc.
  • Omniscience CorporationOmniscience Corporation
  • MiddleField Inc.MiddleField Inc.
  • OMEGA Inc.OMEGA Inc.
  • Fresco News IncFresco News Inc
  • NewsWhip Inc.NewsWhip Inc.
  • Grow Rich Technologies Inc.Grow Rich Technologies Inc.
  • Craful Co., Ltd.Craful Co., Ltd.
  • souco Co., Ltd.souco Co., Ltd.
  • HowTwo! Inc.HowTwo! Inc.
  • GameOn Inc.GameOn Inc.
  • East Meet East, Inc.East Meet East, Inc.
  • Co., Co., Ltd.
  • Sturfee, Inc.Sturfee, Inc.
  • Crunch Style, inc.Crunch Style, inc.
  • Shitateru Co., Ltd.Shitateru Co., Ltd.
  • Frequency Networks, Inc.Frequency Networks, Inc.
  • Lovegraph Inc.Lovegraph Inc.
  • Twizted Design, Inc.Twizted Design, Inc.
  • Pixellot Ltd.Pixellot Ltd.
  • kakutoku, Inc.kakutoku, Inc.
  • 600 Inc.600 Inc.
  • ZIG inc.ZIG inc.
  • Tanomu IncTanomu Inc
  • PostCoffee Co.PostCoffee Co.


Company Profile

Company name Asahi Media Lab Ventures, Inc.
Head Office location 5-3-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Company Executive President & CEO:Hiroshi Nozawa, Asahi Shimbun Silicon Valley Office (Vice President of Asahi Shimbun America, Inc.)
Director:Takashi Horie, Operating officer of Asahi Shimbun Media Lab
Director:Shigeru Fukushima, Operating officer of Asahi Shimbun Corporate Planning
Founded 03/04/2017
Capital 50 million yen
Principal shareholder The Asahi Shimbun Company 100%

Description of Asahi Media Group Fund, Asahi Medialab Ventures

Fund Name Asahi Media Group No.1 Limited Partnership
Foundation Date July 2017
Operating amount 2.33 bllion yen
Operation Period 10 years
Investment Area Invest for technology and service that improve efficiency in digital medial, social media, digital marketing and business, and for internet service that may change life styles.
Investment Stage Mainly for Early stage or later which has developed business model
Considering venture investment for Seed stage,
Investment Region Mainly in Japan, Silicon Valley and New York.
Investor The Asahi Shimbun Company
TV Asahi Holdings Corporation
Nagoya TV Ventures LLC (CVC of Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co. Ltd.)
ABC Dream Ventures, Inc.(CVC of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
The Nikkan Sports News Group
The Okinawa Times
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.


Tsukiji Head Office

The Asahisimbun Tokyo Head Offcie, 5-3-2, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Tokyo Branch Office

Zinguumae6-19-21horutsuisasagawa Bld.4F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Silicon Valley Office

3505 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306


We will base our presence in Japan and the US and make investments that make full use of the strengths of the media network.
President & CEO (Silicon Valley Office)
Hiro Nozawa
The environment surrounding media companies has undergone a drastic change in recent years. Asahi Media Laboratory Ventures, a newspaper publication, television broadcasting is a corporate venture capital of the core business Asahi Media Group, based in Japan and the United States Silicon Valley, and through global investment in the media, entertainment and the Internet, entrepreneurs We aim to innovate business by building an open partnership with everyone of venture companies.

  • Investment Director
    Masami Yamada
  • Investment Director
    Kentaro Shiraishi
  • Manager, General Administration
    Atsushi Sano